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         Hi, I'm Miriam I've been where you are. An RN with dreams of becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner, but facing a mountain of challenges. A full-time job, a family to care for, and yes, even grandkids vying for my attention. The ANCC and AANP exams loomed over me like twin Everests.

I scoured the internet, bought expensive prep courses, and pored over thick textbooks. Some were helpful, others not so much. It felt like drinking from a fire hose – overwhelming and inefficient.

But I refused to give up. I knew there had to be a better way.

Through trial and error, I distilled the most crucial information. I created a system that cut through the noise and focused on what really matters. And you know what? I passed both the ANCC and AANP exams on my first try.

Now, as an FNP living my dream, I want to help you achieve yours.

I've taken everything I learned – the late-night study sessions, the "aha!" moments, the exam-day strategies – and packaged it into an affordable, laser-focused course. No fluff, no filler. Just the essential knowledge you need to ace these exams.

Why spend thousands on materials that may or may not work? Why waste time on information that won't be on the test? My course gives you the meat without the fat, saving you time, money, and stress.

This isn't just another prep course. It's a roadmap created by someone who's walked in your shoes. Someone who understands the unique challenges of balancing work, family, and the pursuit of your FNP dreams.

Are you ready to transform your career without breaking the bank or sacrificing your sanity? Join me, and let's make your FNP dreams a reality – together.

Remember, if this grandmother could do it, so can you. Let's get started on your journey to becoming an FNP today!

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  • 313 NP Board Exam Questions with solutions
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  • Take Assessments for each body system and check your progress after receiving your grades.
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  • Take Assessments for each body system and check your progress after receiving your grades.
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  • 460 detailed video slides

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I'm Miriam Tivzenda (MSN,APRN.AFNP-BC.FNP-C)

Welcome to our website

I know you are currently overwhelmed, I know how you feel because I was once in your shoes, but you have come to the right place. I was overwhelmed with choices of various review courses, but could not find the ones with explanations for me to grasp the concepts better, so I decided to create these courses that helped me pass both the ANCC and the AANP board examinations. Purchase your course to pass that Board examination, be it the ANCC or the AANP.

Remember the Board examination is about full comprehension, not memorization.

My Career

I have worked as a nursing supervisor, assistant director of nursing, charge nurse, and bedside nursing in a variety of healthcare settings ranging from medical, surgical, and transplant units, etc.

I had also worked in staff development, Basic life support instructor, and preceptorship.

Currently, I work as an FNP in a Primary Care setting serving uninsured, underinsured, or homeless clients. I am also working hard every day to create content for my board review courses.


BSN University of Phoenix

MSN (Nursing),South University




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