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How to find a Preceptor for NP(Nurse Practitioner) School

np exam np grad preceptor Mar 05, 2023

1)Soon as you get your school schedule, start looking for potential preceptors

2) Always work closely with your school counselor/advisor, most schools have a list to work with

3) Start asking coworkers if they know someone

4)Start with your current workplace,if it's a big organization,you may have unlimited opportunities to find preceptors

5) check with family, friends,church members, PTA members , soccer moms, little league moms and dads,it's all about networking

6). Check with your personal healthcare provider.

7) Speak with clinic managers

8).Drop your resume with clinic managers,dress sharp etc.

9) check with nursing organizations,associations.
Remember it's all about starting early,and networking


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