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Key Questions to Ask Before Accepting an NP Job

Jan 22, 2024

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Questions to Ask your Employer

As a new nurse practitioner, you want to fully vet any job offer before signing. Here are the top 10 questions to ask:


  1. Will I be W2 or 1099? Know if you're an employee or contractor.


  1. What are the exact duties and schedule? Get details on patient load, hours, on-call expectations. 


  1. What's the orientation length? Ideally several weeks of training.


  1. Is orientation paid at full salary? Some pay less until fully working.


  1. How much administrative time? Need 4+ hours/week for charting.


  1. Do I need a DEA number? Only if prescribing controlled substances. 


  1. What malpractice coverage is provided? Occurrence best.


  1. How much PTO and sick time? Understand if separate or combined.


  1. Are there RVU bonuses? Ask about incentives tied to billing.


  1. Is there a non-compete clause? May restrict where you can work if leaving.


Asking these key questions upfront will help you fully understand the NP job’s expectations and prevent any surprises down the road. Vetting the details ensures you pick the right position fit.


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