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5 things to do after passing the NP Board Exam

aanp ancc nurse practitioner Sep 16, 2022
  1. Wait for the official certification from the examining organization (AANP or ANCC), which takes about a few weeks, this may come through the mail
  2. Apply for your NP License with your State Board of Nursing, requirements vary from one state to another. You will be required to send your verification of passing the NP Board examination.
  3. NP License from your State Board of Nursing may take more than 4 weeks; you may call or email to follow up for updates from your state Board of Nursing
  4. Apply for your NPI (National Provider Identifier) Number online
  5. or call 1-800-465-3203. Remember you need this number for billing purposes etc. You can wait until you have a job offer so that you can use the workplace address instead of your home address. If you have used your home address, remember to change to a workplace address soon as you get a job offer or get job due to privacy purposes. It may take about 24 hours or so to obtain your NPI number
  6. 5. DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) license you will need it depending on your job responsibilities. Some employers may pay for the DEA license, so it is better to wait if you need to.
  7. Don’t forget to update your resume and start applying for jobs. Good Luck.

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